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Our Valuable Products Makes Us One Of The Most Popular Choice Among Our Customers.
The difference in seafood between Asian Marine Food and others is quality and freshness. We buy directly from the boats and process their catch on site. You can't get any fresher than that! With access to over 100 products you'll be sure to find what you're looking for Fresh fish, smoked and so much more all available from Asian Marine Food.
Our Specialties
Our blissful atmosphere, attentive service, facilities and the combination of tradition, hospitality and the elegance of simplicity is the answer to your dream holidas
Finest Processing
Asian Marine Foods is the leading Fresh, Live and Frozen Seafood Company in Pakistan with state of the art seafood processing facility.
Our product scope include: Fresh, Frozen & Live seafood. Which we export to Middle East, Asian and European countries.
We have the vast range of seafood products which includes: Shrimps, Indian Mackerel, Squid,Ribbon Fish , Cuttle Fish, Crabs etc.
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